New resources for individual psychological diagnosis

Geschreven door Jan Sterenborg

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    In “New resources for Individual Psychological Diagnosis” a
    diagnostic instrument is presented. The instrument can be used
    both in the field of cognition as in the field of emotion and is
    meant to be for daily practice. The cognitive approach provides
    verifiable data and the approach to emotions provides descriptive
    data in a subtle interplay of conscious and unconscious
    processes. The unconscious is seen as the absolute reliable
    experience basis in every human. The instrument is designed to
    let the unconscious speak in a conscious way.
    This book is dived in two main chapters:
    1. Between Cognitions and Emotions, in which the new
    diagnostic tool is described as an elaboration of the work
    of Gé Calis.
    2. The Research Context, in which an overview and status of
    the different research approaches is given. This chapter can
    be seen as the methodological basis for scientific psychological

  • Inhoudsopgave

    1. Between Cognitions and Emotions
    2. The Research Context

  • Fragment

    When Sigmund Schlomo Freud postulated that unconscious forces were
    active in every human being, psychology as a science was born.
    From there on numerous developments were started which more and more
    took the form of scientific research and experimentation.
    Can we prove what we claim? Can we establish key facts concerning man?
    This line of development reach the point that the unconscious was totally
    abandoned as unreliable.
    But what is unreliable?
    The interpretation of the unconscious or the unconscious itself?
    In this paper the unconscious is treated as the absolute reliable source of
    knowledge and experience in every human being and the question to be
    answered becomes:
    How can we let the unconscious speak in a conscious way?
    A circle is completed: the unconscious and the conscious come together in a
    subtle interplay. This approach provides us with information about this
    individual human being.
    The described method will be called: Individual Psychological Diagnosis
    Man stays a mystery
    We will know more and more about people, but there will always be,
    paradoxically, more things we do not know. And even though the manual
    for psychiatry (DSM) becomes three times as thick, it will not solve things
    substantially (see first part of Stranger at Killknock).

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