Ethiopia, the northern circuit

Geschreven door Jan Tromp

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  • Samenvatting


    All that is mentioned in guides like the Bradt-Guide, you will not find in this electronic paper that wants to be complementary to the Bradt-Guide written by Philip Briggs.
    My text is understandable for everyone, though not beyond the academic truth. That is why we shall digress from the history of the Aksumite Kingdom, from the origin of its architecture starting from the year 0, from its influence on the morphology of the numerous churches and especially from the iconography from the twelfth to the twentieth century. The historic circuit Addis Ababa – Aksum – Addis Ababa will be our data bank.

    I am sure that with the present text of over 72.500 words and about 420 colour photographs you will not be aware of any blank spots while travelling in this fascinating part of the world.

  • Inhoudsopgave

    The year 0
    The historic circuit
    Aksum 0 – 300
    Aksum 300 – 700
    The myth of the Queen of Sheba
    Aksumite architecture – stelae
    stela 3 – the Ezana stela
    stela 2 – the Italian stela
    stela 1 – the broken stela
    The stela of Ezana?
    Other monuments in Aksum
    The Dongour complex
    Gobe Dra and the quarry
    King Kaleb and Son
    The Mary of Zion and the Portuguese mission
    Debre Damo
    Enda Michael Debre Selam
    Enda Arbatu Insesa
    Enda Abreha we Atsbeha
    Enda Abreha we Atsbeha
    Enda Kirkos Wukro
    Enda Mikael Amba
    Enda Petros we Paulos Melehayzenghi
    Enda Mikael Melehayzenghi
    Enda Medhane Alem Adi Keshew
    Enda Mikael Barka
    Enda Johannes Maikudi
    Enda Abune Yemata Guh
    The burial place of Judit/Gudit
    Lalibela and the rock churches
    Beta Medhane Alem
    Beta Maryam
    Beta Emmanuel
    Beta Abba Libanos
    Beta Ghiyorghis
    Beta Yemrehanna Kristos
    Symbolism of the stelae
    Built churches after Grañ
    Lake Tana
    Bahir Dar on Lake Tana
    Beta Narga Selassie
    Dek Arsima Sematat
    Ura Kidane Mihret
    Yiganda Betre Maryam
    Ura Azuwa Maryam
    Ura Debre Selassie
    Yiganda Tekle Haymanot
    Daga Estifanos
    Debre Maryam
    Tana Kirkos
    Gorgora on Lake Tana
    Debre Sina Maryam
    Mandaba Medhane Alem
    The lighthouse
    Fasil Ghebi
    Fasil Bath
    Kuskuam palace
    The Debre Birhan Selassie
    Tekle Haymanot
    Chelekot Selassie
    Debre Hayk Estifanos
    Addis Ababa
    Debre Libanos
    The National Museum
    The Selassie Cathedral
    The fifth nail

  • Fragment

    Arsima, a beautiful little nun from Germany, had fled with 27 fellow-sisters to Armenia in an attempt to avoid the advances of Emperor Diocletian [3rd century].
    The Emperor, breathing vengeance, incited his Armenian colleague Tiridates to favour Arsima with a nuptial bed or, in the event of her decline, to send her back to where she came from. The hot-blooded Tiridates sent out his servants to tell her of the imperial proposition.
    Arsima replied that this would be an act of bigamy in the eyes of God and of all her fellow-sisters, because they considered Jesus-Christ as their true and heavenly Bridegroom. So Tiridates sent her back and the Emperor, still madly in love with her, took his revenge.

    fig. 218 – Arsima Sematat, Arsima beheaded

    Of course the poor virgin underwent the whole kaleidoscopic variety of tortures from tearing out of her tongue, grilling of her flesh, cutting open of her stomach and being burnt by flames. The desired lethal effect was finally obtained by chopping her up. Five crowns of martyrdom were bestowed upon her and judging by the painting her 27 companions followed or preceded her. Her fatal attraction evidently accounted for the emperor’s burning passion.

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