An extra X in your genes

Geschreven door Diana Divera

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  • Samenvatting

    I wrote this book especially for children and people who prefer reading large words. I am telling my personal story  about dealing with several symptoms of the Trisomy X-syndrome. 


  • Inhoudsopgave


    About this book

    starts at page 10


    Chapter 1

    What does it mean, an extra X in your genes?

    starts at page 13


    Chapter 2

    What is it called when you are

    having an extra X?

    starts at page 16


    Chapter 3

    Often scared and insecure

    starts at page 19


    Chapter 4

    Sometimes “all of a sudden”

    starts at page 26


    Chapter 5

    Trouble finding out what is

    most important

    starts at page 38


    Chapter 6

    Twinges and tingling in my


    starts at page 42


    Chapter 7

    Often tired

    starts at page 49


    Chapter 8

    Always caring for others

    starts at page 60


    Chapter 9

    Often at the dentist

    starts at page 65


    Chapter 10

    Trouble with squeezing stockings and tickling fabrics

    starts at page 73


    Chapter 11

    Trouble with loud talking and dominant people

    starts at page 78


    Chapter 12

    Keeping courage

    starts at page 82


    Chapter 13

    In my own world

    starts at page 87


    Extra information about me and this book

    starts at page 95

  • Fragment

    I am not able to run very fast.

    I get tingling in my ankles.


    I also have problems catching a ball and often don't.

    I feel twinges in my wrist.


    I don't always see the ball, especially when it comes fast to me.


    I am laughed at by my classmates.

    My teacher says that I must not do so pitifully.


    They think that I don't really have those aches.


    They think I make it up.


    In class the wooden chairs bother me sometimes.

    They hurt my back.

    I feel tingling in my knees.


    Sometimes my head aches.

    I see white spots in front of my eyes.


    Next to the letters in my book I see a white edge.


    I have to concentrate very hard.

    It pays me lots of effort to read out loud.


    I often read the wrong words.

    Then I am laughed at again.


    I often feel nauseous and don''t

    feel strong.


    Fortunately I do succeed to play alongside my classmates sometimes.


    They play football with little pawns.

    I like this kind of football a lot.


    For a little while I can belong to the group again.


    I don't have much strength in my arms and legs.


    For example throwing a ball fast is very difficult.



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