Paradise on Earth

Geschreven door Gert Kramer

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    Ever wondered why you are here on this Planet? Ever wondered why sometimes everything seems to be that logic and structured while at other times a complete chaos? Ever wondered if there is more between Heaven and Earth than your eyes can see? Paradise on Earth - Could it Be? shows you the Beauty of Life throughout the Universe when you look at it from a bit different perspective.

    What would happen when you would fully integrate your right sight brain with your left sight? Would you be able to look at numbers with intense feelings and emotions of Compassion and Love. Would you be able to look at All Life as Divine Manifestations of the combined thoughts of All that are there and that make the Uni-Verse; the One Song created by all I Ams combined in a We Are. Or in other words, Life as a beautiful Manifestation of Conscious Collective Energy with certain mathematical frequencies and amplitudes, the Great Orchestra of Life.

    Ever wondered why all indigeneous Civilizations and all religions on this Planet indicate that this is the Time that we as Mankind will Awaken? Your question could be: from what to what? Enjoy reading while constantly asking yourself: Could it Be?

  • Inhoudsopgave

    1. Table of Content

    2. Prologue

    3. Could it Be?

    4. All for One, One for Love

    5. Remember the purpose of why you came to Earth

    6. My Quest - Da’at

    7. Tabula Smaragdina and the 7 Universal Hermetic Principles

    8. Jung, Akasha and the Awakening of Mankind

    9. Numeric Calculation - Universal Harmonic Mathematics

    10. Diamonds and Spirals: global archetypes

    11. Numeric Rhythms translated into Shapes

    12. Sacred Geometry and Leonardo da Vinci

    13. The Circle of Life

    14. Feeling numbers through shapes

    15. Fibonacci, Nineveh and the Maya - Harmonic Rhythmic Growth to Divinity

    16. Harmonic E-volution of Mankind

    17. Metatron and the Platonic Solids

    18. The Lost Solid – Your Loving Heart

    19. Mother Earth’ Heart, Mind, Soul and Body

    20. E = Mc2: take a deep Electromagnetic Breath…

    21. Metatron’s 3D Love Spirals

    22. Construction of Electromagnetic Love Pyramids

    23. Atom and Earth: Universal Growth Model

    24. The end of Time: Reshape of our World and beyond

    25. Life, Rebirth and Illumination?

    26. Is LOVE written in the Stars?

    27. Epilogue

  • Fragment

    This is a book about the Love for All that Lives. It is as well about Knowledge that comes from Wisdom that in its turn comes from Love. 39 Years after my conception, I feel stronger than ever. I have decided to bundle my Love, experiences, knowledge, visions and understandings till date in this book to share with you all what I have come to know in the last few months of this life. Only after I rediscovered and embraced myself again for 100%, remembering the true meaning of unconditional Love, the All revealed itself to another One. Without making any exception and regardless of your race, gender, colour of skin, religion, social status, country, sexual preference etcetera, I would like to share the One and the All with each One and you All as All Ones make the All whereas there is no distinction between the purenesses of All Ones Souls. All living beings including Mother Planet matter equally and should be cared for as we care for ourselves. We are connected in the All. We are the All.

    In my life I have known great moments of Love and despair. I have Loved and have been Loved by many for which I would like to express my deepest feelings of gratitude. In my disharmony I have hurt peoples’ feelings as I was hurt myself. But we did not know better how to express ourselves at that time and did not know how it works; nevertheless I am sorry for any grieves caused. I have been given and gave enormous amounts of support in all ways imaginable for which I would like to express my gratitude. To my deepest belief I feel that everything starts with and within Oneself. We are all in the Centres of the Circles that surround us and should remember this in the actions we take as all our actions influence our self, our inner circles and the circles further away till infinity. How much of an effect your actions will have, depends on your Will and Drive to create and contribute to the development Yourself, the World and the Universe that surrounds you so basically the All. As said before, it starts with loving and understanding yourself to be able to take the mirrors that you placed around you away and look at the beauty of All that surrounds you.

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